Heartbreaking lack of water and education.

Hi everyone……. it has taken me since last October to get my act together to write another blog. Why is that I ask myself….. The excuse I use is that life is too busy. Maybe that’s true, but even if it is how come I allow the things most important to me, to be the things that get squeezed out!

So here goes a long overdue update on the important and precious people in the villages surrounding Nakuru and wider area.

Imagine a 90kg sack of maize, that’s a lot of maize to grow……. to feed your family each year you need 90kg x 2 sacks for an adult, and 90kg x 1 per child. Most people, not all, in the village of Olrongai have a Shamba (some land), and on it they historically grow maize. Sometimes the harvest is good, and often times the drought means the harvest is poor or non existent. When the harvest is very good, for most families this still doesn’t produce as much maize as they need to survive. No harvest equals hungry bellies, malnutrition for the children, sickness for the elderly.

If education was available people could learn about other crops to plant, about better farming methods, about water harvesting……… this is the gap that PottersHeart is teaching into.

If the crops fail there is no food and no money to buy any.

If education was available people could learn about Business Development, about finding their own solutions to take them out of poverty. About family planning so that there are not so many mouths to feed…….. this is the gap that PottersHeart is teaching into.

In Olrongai the teaching over the last three trips is transforming lives, there are people who have set up small businesses, with goats and poultry. The young men that we have taught woodworking have set up a business making stools, tables and beds. The students are now teaching others in the wider village, one lady Rachel is holding a gathering with Mums and children. This is a huge breakthrough in the Kenyan culture, as she is teaching them how to play and interact with the children. Progress is being made, but the reality in their lives is they still have to walk 6 km for clean water, gather firewood for cooking, work on the fields, and pray a meal in most days. If they had a plentiful supply of water, life would be very different, and at least the crops would grow and there would be some food on a plate each day.

Why is it that so many people have to live without access to running water and education……… it’s heartbreaking.

I’ll write some more tomorrow.

Love Linden x


Author: PottersHeart

PottersHeart is an adult education charity that supports some of the poorest communities in Kenya. Releasing potential and bringing hope for the future. Along the way it also runs wonderful craft and coffee drop-ins, in four UK locations. Its a winning format, enabling people to get together, make friends and raise funds to help people in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the homemade cake is legendary!

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