Hungry and hopeless is heartbreaking in Ndagara.

PottersHeart BlogIMG_4591

An Excerpt from my Journal November 2017:

Today we went to Ndagara a village towards the Ethiopian border. The sadness and suffering broke our hearts, these beautiful people were displaced following violence in their village in 2007. The government settled them here, there is no water, no work, and the soil is sandy so when you build a mud house it falls down. This lady is called Margaret, she lost all her family in the violence. She made this basket, it is all she has left from her old life. In it she is carrying a few sticks of maize, she has walked for miles, and will walk many more miles to get this maize ground into flour. This is all the food she has.

It would be easy to be overwhelmed and say what can we do……….. but what we did say was we will be back, we will teach and train, help people to build small businesses, to find solutions, to begin to hope and dream again. With God nothing is impossible x

Author: PottersHeart

PottersHeart is an adult education charity that supports some of the poorest communities in Kenya. Releasing potential and bringing hope for the future. Along the way it also runs wonderful craft and coffee drop-ins, in four UK locations. Its a winning format, enabling people to get together, make friends and raise funds to help people in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the homemade cake is legendary!

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