Difficult choices to make.

We are so thankful to be able to provide some of the village families with Maize and beans.

There is coronavirus out there, but if you just stay in it will be hunger, and for some starvation that gets you.
Mum is thankful to have something to put in the pan, now she can feed her children. We can always send more money to feed more families, go to http://www.pottersheart.org if you would like to donate. x


Author: PottersHeart

PottersHeart is an adult education charity that supports some of the poorest communities in Kenya. Releasing potential and bringing hope for the future. Along the way it also runs wonderful craft and coffee drop-ins, in four UK locations. Its a winning format, enabling people to get together, make friends and raise funds to help people in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the homemade cake is legendary!

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