Wifi makes BIG news in Miti Mingi

PHOTo Wifi in MitiMingi

This photo might not look very exciting to you, but believe me this is huge! After many years of waiting we are going to be able to start teaching and training in these villages, without flying anywhere. Especially useful in these trying and restrictive times. I know it doesn’t replace personal contact, but it is nevertheless a very powerful tool. We have had the vision but have been waiting for technology to catch up in these places.

Pastor Paul & Pastor Jonah have decided the best place to install it is at the Joy Counselling premises. Joy Counselling is their Kenyan NGO, through it they sponsor children, and keep a fund to help those in dire immediate need. The premises is not large, but it does have a room that could fit about 12 people, at a push! And this is just the beginning.

It wasn’t too expensive to install about £115.00 but the monthly payment is about £30.00 which does take some thought re sustainability. In this case Paul & Jonah plan to fund the monthly payment by allowing people in the village to use the Wifi for a few Kenyan Shillings. Jonah has worked it out that if 10 people come each day to use the services it will pay for itself and the cost of the electricity. This is definitely ahead of the curve here, being the first Wifi in the village.

We also funded a refurbed laptop, you can get a decent one for about £200.00…… and we are now praying into funding more of them.

This is a win win situation, potential for an income stream for the Pastors, a service for the community, and the school children, and a brilliant way to teach, train and Liebust.

We here at PottersHeart are so thankful that out of this time of darkness and struggle this is God provision of light and hope for these precious people.

To find out more about Liebusters go to http://www.liebusters.global or email me on pottersheart1@gmail.com

If you would like to help us expand this work please find the donate button on http://www.pottersheart.org.

Love Linden & the PottersHeart Team x

Author: PottersHeart

PottersHeart is an adult education charity that supports some of the poorest communities in Kenya. Releasing potential and bringing hope for the future. Along the way it also runs wonderful craft and coffee drop-ins, in four UK locations. Its a winning format, enabling people to get together, make friends and raise funds to help people in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the homemade cake is legendary!

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